Our Services

At DrMackNOW! you will

  • Meet directly with your physician;
  • from your smartphone or computer;
  • when it fits your schedule fits within your budget;
  • without the travel and the hassle getting there; and
  • without the wait once you get there.

At DrMackNOW! our physicians and staff will do everything in their power help you with whatever your presentation might be – and if for some reason we can’t – We will refund your money and do whatever we can to guide to the right place where you can get the help you need.

DrMackNOW! can help you manage everything from:

Burns & Wound Healing

Cellulitis & Infections

Or from acute and sudden presentations such as to the chronic management of

Autoimmune Disease


And whether you’re being confronted with a

A Rash

A New Lymph Node

A chronic infection that won't go away

Plus STDs, birth control, colds and flu, urinary tract infections, pink eye, strep throat, respiratory infections, ear infections, so much more. All of these images were acquired from actual patients visiting DrMackNOW! for treatment.

DrMackNOW! manages all kinds of chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, mental illness, erectile and sexual dysfunction, asthma, COPD, STDs, and so many of the other diagnosis and conditions that you would typically treat during a traditional visit to your doctor.

The physicians and staff at DrMackNOW! have the experience of tens of thousands of visits just like these over the last several years and are available to help you on your schedule, wherever you may be, and without the travel, inconvenience, time, so many of the costs, and exposure to whatever other diseases might have already been through the office already that day!

A Doctor When You Want One

The only thing that’s virtual during your visit to DrMackNOW! is your image on our screen.
Everything else is just like every other doctor’s visit – without the travel, inconvenience, time, and so much of the costs!