Our Practice

DrMackNOW.com is a comprehensive Virtual Medical Office.

The care provided to our virtual patients is delivered by the same expert and seasoned staff that cares for our Family Medicine & Urgent Care patients who present to our traditional offices.

Front Desk

Patient & Kind, with several years of Experience with Virtual Office Visits, and having Provided for tens of thousands of patients
Scheduling office visits, specialist visits, & procedures.

Medical Assistants

Knowledgeable & Experienced with Virtual Office Visits; having
Ordered laboratory studies, then Followed up the results;
Sent Prescriptions all over the County, the Country, & the World; and
Provided Discharge Instructions that you can understand and use
for years.


Authorizing Procedures, Imaging, &

Negotiating pricing for laboratory tests,
specialist care,
and advanced imaging; and ensuring timely
results &
proper consultations with specialists.


Dr. Mack has been in continuous practice for 26 years. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Massachusetts and Master’s Degree in Physiology & Biophysics and Medical Doctorate from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is Residency-Trained in Emergency Medicine and has been a solo practitioner at his Family Medical practice, Fitness & Recovery, and Urgent Care practice, Eastchester Urgent Care, for over 15 years.

Dr. Sullivan loves to teach students at every level, he has been an avid and competitive weightlifter for over 40 years and spends every available moment with his amazing wife & their incredible children!

A Doctor When You Want One

The only thing that’s virtual during your visit to DrMackNOW! is your image on our screen.
Everything else is just like every other doctor’s visit – without the travel, inconvenience, time, and so much of the costs!