From what States can I make an appointment to see the doctor at DrMackNOW!?

Today you can make appointment at DrMackNOW! from any of the 50 States.

Can I simply call and book a walk-in appointment?

Yes. Sometimes the most important consideration about the care you get is that it’s timely or at least fits your schedule, subsequently, whenever you need the doctors at DrMackNOW! you have the choice to select whichever open appointment times are available when using our website, App, or either our toll-free telephone line (833.DOC.MACK) or our office line at (914) 588-4365.

What if I have to cancel an appointment?

We certainly understand that anyone’s schedule can change rapidly. The first two times that you have to change your appointment you will be refunded the entire amount charged to make the appointment. After that we will hold your payment until that time when you actually get your appointment. It’s important to appreciate that any time our doctors were scheduled to see a patient but they don’t it means there was another who could’ve have scheduled for the same time had it been available who also didn’t get to a talk to a doctor.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

The first two times that you miss your appointment you will be refunded the entire amount charged to make the appointment. After that we will hold your payment until that time when you actually get your appointment.

What happens if the doctor cannot solve my issue?

Your physician at DrMackNOW! will help guide you to the most appropriate plan of action going forward. If the physician feels that they were unable to make any meaningful contribution to you care we will issue a complete refund to your credit card.

Care Team

Is there anyone at that I can speak to with questions about my virtual office visit other than the doctor?

Yes. At DrMackNOW! we have our experienced team of Front Desk, Medical Assistants, and administrators to help you with scheduling, follow-up.

Can I send personal information to you by email?

Yes. You can send anything to our general email address at info@mydrmack.com or to any specific address that a member of your Care Team may provide.

Does this count as a visit or cost any money?

No. Our Care Team is in place to assist you getting timely and proper follow-up after your virtual office visit with your DrMackNOW! doctor, their time and effort is included in the price of that visit.

When are they available?

Our Care Team is available Monday through Friday during regular business hours and in isolated instances maybe available on the weekends as well. Specialists, laboratories, imaging facilities, and insurance carriers are rarely available on the weekends, we try to preserve their hours for time intervals during the week when they can have the most impact helping you navigate the healthcare system to get the things that you need.

What are they for?

From helping find local pharmacies and laboratories to negotiating rates for visits and procedures with specialists and imaging facilities in your area to getting documentation to wherever you need it to go your Care Team is there to help you get the most out of your virtual office visit at DrMackNOW!


Is DrMackNOW! able to help with COVID-19?

Yes. The physicians at DrMackNOW! can send COVID-19 testing kits to your home, treat your symptoms of COVID-19, determine whether your sign and symptoms are indeed subsequent to COVID-19 or some other disease process, and arrange for regular follow-up to screen for the onset of long-haul COVID-19 as per the schedule suggested by the CDC.

Does insurance cover the COVID-19 at home test?

That depends on the terms of your individual insurance policy. DrMackNOW! will provide you with documentation of which specific test it was and that you paid for it through your patient portal, whether your specific plan reimburses for it is up to your insurance carrier.

How long after exposure should I get tested?

If you have a concern that you may have contracted COVID-19 you should get tested immediately for your own safety and that of those around you. Waiting some amount of time to ‘turn positive’ is understandable however counts on your knowing when you may have been exposed, the overwhelming number of people who contract the COVID-19 virus never have any symptoms but can spread the virus just the same as those who do. Don’t put yourself in the position that you’re guessing when you might have been exposed and who it might have been – if you’re concerned get a test.

Is the COVID-19 at home test authorized by the FDA?


How much does it cost to get the COVID-19 at home testing done?

That is highly variable depending on the demand at the moment, what maybe happening at the State and Federal levels, and whether there’s a new variant causing additional concern. Should you and your physician at DrMackNOW! determine it’s appropriate we will provide it for you at the most economical price possible and tell you before we send it.

What happens if my COVID-19 at home test results come back positive?

Your team at DrMackNOW! will be there to help you as they have with thousands of other patients already. We can help manage your symptoms, guide you to advance care as indicated, begin monitoring you going forward for the appearance long-haul COVID-19.

Health Insurance

Does DrMackNOW! work with my health insurance?

No. We do not participate with insurance of any kind. Part of our mission is to provide more affordable healthcare to our patients. Minimizing and eliminating as much of the additional costs that the insurance industry burdens healthcare providers with that has nothing to do with your medical visit is one of our most important tools to keep the cost of each visit low.

Do I need to have health insurance to use DrMackNOW!?

No. DrMackNOW! neither requires nor accepts health insurance.

Can I get documentation of my visit at DrMackNOW! to present to my insurance carrier for reimbursement?

Yes. Our note documenting your visit will be available on your patient portal within 7-10 days and you can certainly print that and forward it to your insurance for reimbursement. We can not revise that note in any fashion once it’s final, nor can we amend it in any way that your insurance carrier might suggest in order that they might be able to reimburse you. It’s not only illegal for you and your doctor to participate in but it’s just another ruse to increase your time and cost trying to get paid. Each note is a contemporaneously signed document recording the contents of your visit and therefore it is also a legal document that can’t be altered after the fact. This is also another one of the ways commercial health insurance carriers drive up the cost of providing healthcare to patients and physicians alike in an effort to fatigue them and make the cost of a successful appeal so high as to prevent appeals altogether.

Laboratory Testing

Can the doctor at DrMackNOW! order any testing?

Yes. The doctors at DrMackNOW! can order any laboratory tests, imaging procedures, or consultations with any specialists that might be appropriate for your care.

Will my insurance cover those laboratory tests?

That depends on the terms of your individual insurance policy. DrMackNOW! will provide you with any prescriptions that you might need and documentation of which specific tests you require through your patient portal, whether your specific plan reimburses part or all of it depends on your insurance carrier and the terms of your specific plan.

How do I find a location near me to get my laboratory testing done?

Your Care Team at DrMackNOW! will help you locate the closest laboratory site and then send your prescriptions there ahead of your appointment.

How can I get the results of my laboratory testing?

The laboratory themselves will take your information to forward your results and as soon as your physician at DrMackNOW! reviews your labs they will put them on your patient portal and then reach-out to contact you directly.


Can I get medications from DrMackNOW!?

Yes. Your physician at DrMackNOW! is licensed to practice medicine in your State, they possess valid licenses to prescribe medications issued by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, and are capable of providing prescriptions for whatever medications that they think are clinically appropriate.

What medications can a physician at DrMackNOW! prescribe?

Any medication your DrMackNOW! physician feels is indicated subsequent to the content of your virtual office visit and their best medical judgement is within their right to prescribe. The only exception to that would be in the instance of writing prescriptions for controlled substances. Standard of Care nationwide today is that a physician does not write a prescription controlled without having actually met the patient in person at least once before. DrMackNOW! will adhere to that policy as future and additional legislation allows. Ultimately, the choice of which medications are most appropriate for you is entirely that of the prescribing physician.

Can I get medication refills from DrMackNOW!?

Yes. Our doctors at DrMackNOW! can refill your medications that are not classified as a controlled substance so long as they find the prescription to be clinically appropriate. The decision to refill any medication regardless of the type, dose, or duration rests with the individual physician taking liability for your care and ultimately signing the prescription and sending it to the pharmacy. The prescription has to be demonstrated to be standard of care and actually treat the condition it’s being used for and if there’s any levels or laboratory tests that have to be acquired to safely administer the medication we will help you schedule that testing as well

Can DrMackNOW! prescribe chloroquinine or hydroxychloroquinine?

Yes. DrMackNOW! can prescribe both medications but will only do so for diagnosis for which they are clinically indicated and approved by the FDA. This applies for any medication that our doctors might prescribe. As of this writing neither have been clinically demonstrated to have a positive effect against the COVID-19 virus and DrMackNOW! will not prescribe them for that purpose under any circumstances nor for malaria prophylaxis. If either of these are prescriptions that you are already on for other diagnosis for which they are medically indicated we will require some kind of proof of prior prescriptions and to validate those directly with the pharmacy that’s filled them previously.

Does DrMackNOW! have a Prescription Delivery plan?

Not today. We certainly understand the cost to any pharmacy trying to provide their patients with prescription delivery however keeping the total cost of your healthcare as low as possible is an important part of our mission at DrMackNOW! and we have yet to find a delivery service that we feel is cost-effective for our patients.

Prescription Discount Card

What is the Prescription Discount Card?

The Prescription Card is a nationwide discount card that you can apply toward the cost of your prescription at most participating pharmacies.

How does the Prescription Discount Card work?

Upon presentation to the clerk at your pharmacy they will verify whether the card entitles you to a percent discount or an entirely different fixed price and then you only pay the balance after the discount or the fixed price.

I already have insurance, but can I still use the Discount Card?

Yes. That may vary however from one insurance carrier to another and from one insurance plan to the next based on the terms of your prescription drug plan issued by your insurance carrier. The Prescription Card works to decrease your cost regardless of whether you have any kind of prescription drug plan. The insurance carriers don’t negotiate prices with the pharmaceutical companies to decrease your costs, they do it to decrease their cost, and part of that is guaranteeing the drug companies at least a minimum amount on specific medications. Subsequently, the prescription drug plans will sometimes specifically exclude any kind of discount on certain drugs and force the patient to pay cash if they want the discount. Either way you will at least get an option of a lower price on most drugs.

Does the Discount Card work at my pharmacy?

Your Prescription Card will work at any pharmacy that chooses to participate. The overwhelming number of pharmacies in the United States do participate.

What if my pharmacist said the card would not save me any money or does not work?

At that point you’re at the mercy of the pharmacist. The large nationwide corporate pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc., are all enrolled but they will dissuade you where they may have to answer to their own superiors about why they accepted a discount when it’s not in the pharmacies best interest to do so. If this becomes a recurring situation your Care Team will be happy to help you find a pharmacy in your area that will accept your card.

What prescription medications are subject to a discount?

That depends on the formulary, the schedule of medications, that the card has been able to negotiate with the pharmaceutical companies to include on the Prescription Card and it will change from time to time.

Does the Doctor need to know about the Discount Card when writing my prescription?

Not at all. Your physician at DrMackNOW! is writing you the most appropriate prescription to treat your condition, if that turns out to be too expensive you can contact your Care Team and they will work with your physician to find a more cost-effective alternative of there’s one available.

Is my privacy protected?

Always. From your credit card information to the contents of your virtual office visit to your treatment and plan going forward – nothing gets out unless you specifically sign for DrMackNOW! to release it.


How much does an appointment for a virtual office visit with DrMackNOW! cost?

A single appointment costs $94.99.

A Follow-up visit for the same diagnosis is $64.99.

Are there any discount plans available?

Yes. We have two of them to help you manage the cost of your healthcare. Please see Membership Plans for more detail.

How can I pay for DrMackNOW!?

You can use credit or debit prior scheduling your appointment.

Is my credit card information secure?


Does DrMackNOW! offer a discount to veterans and active military?

Yes. DrMackNOW! offers a 12% discount to veterans and active military upon demonstration of valid military or veteran’s identification. If you don’t have that identification when you make your appointment you can send it to our Support Staff by fax or email later and we will refund the discount to your credit card.

Does DrMackNOW! offer a discount to first responders?

Yes. DrMackNOW! offers a 12% discount to nurses, firefighters, police officers at every level, emergency medical technicians, and hospital employees upon demonstration of valid identification. If you don’t have that identification when you make your appointment you can send it to our Support Staff by fax or email later and we will refund the discount to your credit card.


What can I expect from my Primary Care Physician and the Care Team at DrMackNOW!?

Every feature of a regular visit to your physician’s office without the travel, inconvenience of leaving work and accounting for all the other things you would have been doing during that time, exposure to so many other sick people, and the time getting there and then waiting to see the doctor.

Does DrMackNOW! have advice nurses?

Not today. At DrMackNOW! medical advice is only available from medical doctors. Over time however we do expect that we will be adding nurses to our Care Team.

Can I get a doctor’s note, school note, or general medical forms filled out?

Yes. We are happy to provide documentation for whatever services we deliver and whatever specific forms that you may have from an employer or school that our doctors feel is within their scope of service, is something that they can genuinely answer, just send them along as a fax or PDF and our staff will help you get them completed and them to wherever you need them to go.

Can I get laboratory tests done?

Yes. Once you’ve had your virtual office visit your Care Team will help you coordinate getting whatever diagnostic studies or specialist visits that you may need.

Can I get referrals for imaging or medical specialists?


How can I get the results of my laboratory tests, imaging, procedures, and office visits with medical specialists?

Each patient has their own patient portal through which they can view the note generated from their visit and the results of any testing or consultations that might have occurred.

We have medical issues and families too, and we share the same concerns about receiving quality and conscientious healthcare for our families as you are for yours.

A Doctor When You Want One

The only thing that’s virtual during your visit to DrMackNOW! is your image on our screen.
Everything else is just like every other doctor’s visit – without the travel, inconvenience, time, and so much of the costs!