About Us

Our Mission

Quality Care For You & Your Family, On Your Schedule, & Within Your Budget.

The goals of all Dr. Mack’s Family Medicine and Urgent Care practices have always been:

  • To provide the best care possible to patients of all ages.
  • To be a guide through all the medical consults, procedures, and decisions that life may bring.
  • To do our best to be as preventative and proactive as possible through every phase of our patient’s lives.

At every age and with any condition it’s a lot easier to stay healthy than it is to get healthy again.

Our Purpose

The Purpose Of DrMackNOW! Is To:

  • Provide the same high quality care that Dr. Mack’s practices have already been providing for decades.
  • In a timely fashion that fits within each patient’s daily schedule.
  • With every feature of a traditional trip to the doctor’s office possible.
  • Without actually coming to the office.
  • As economically as possible.
  • From your Smartphone or Workstation.

Our Start

Dr. Mack Sullivan opened his Family Practice, Fitness & Recovery, in March of 2006 at our original location at 150 Lake Avenue in Tuckahoe, New York. In those early years the practice was almost exclusively Physical Medicine and Therapeutic Exercise. In 2008 monitored cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation were added. By 2010 so many rehab patients had begun to count on Dr. Mack for their urgent and primary care needs that for the first time the practice began to schedule Family Practice patients and within just a year they were seeing well over 100 patients per day.

In 2013 Fitness & Recovery moved to their office to its current location at 369 White Plains Road in Eastchester, New York. Besides almost tripling the rehabilitation space and creating dedicated area for the Family Practice Dr. Mack renovated the entire first floor into a state-of-the-art Urgent Care practice, Eastchester Urgent Care. Since then both practices have flourished and from when the first Physical Therapy patients arrive at 5:00am until the last Urgent Care patient leaves at 8:00pm Dr. Mack and his staff often treat as many as 200 patients per day.

Dr. Mack never closed for even a single day during the COVID-19 Pandemic and actually increased the weekend hours for both practices to accommodate for the extra volume of patients that the hospitals and other providers weren’t willing to see in either their Emergency Rooms or offices. At one point in 2020 both Fitness & Recovery and Eastchester Urgent Care were seeing over 1,000 patients per day providing both COVID-19 and COVID-19 antibody testing at as many as 8 different sites throughout Westchester County. As the quarantine extended from weeks to months; as more people were being required to work from home and unable to leave their screens for lunch or personal business; as the fear of public spaces began to increase; more and more patients began to contact Dr. Mack by cell phone, texts, and emails.

For so many elderly whose children were too far away and were terrified to come out and sustain unnecessary exposure to COVID-19; for so many parents trying to work from home while supervising their children who were simultaneously engaged in different ZOOM calls with different schools; and for all the essential workers who simply couldn’t get away to take care of their own needs; providing timely medical care had to change. It was during this time that Dr. Mack and his staff began developing and refining their definition of the virtual office visit. Today, with additional sites for both practices in Rockland County and metro New York, Dr. Mack and his staff manage hundreds of visits that range from a simple Doctors Notes for school or work to the most complex presentations requiring careful and constant management to hospital admission. They arranged laboratary studies, radiologic imaging, consults with specialists, and send prescriptions to pharmacies all over the United States.

Our Process

Schedule an appointment on our free mobile app or website that fits your schedule.

See Dr. Mack or one of our DrMackNOW! physicians for diagnosis and treatment.

Then receive any prescriptions or necessary follow-up visits from our trained experienced staff ready to assist you.

Our Team

From our medical providers to our expert office staff the team at DrMackNOW! has been seasoned over thousands of virtual office visits and can ensure that patients not only get the absolute most out their visit but all the necessary laboratory studies, testing, imaging, wellness, and preventative services that are available with a traditional doctor’s visit.

Every team member undergoes comprehensive training over several months and hundreds of supervised virtual office visits along the way to becoming part of the team that’s going to take care of you and your family. DrMackNOW! makes this effort because the only thing virtual about a virtual office visit is the patient’s presence in the office – the right diagnosis, the right medications, consults with the proper specialists, and the proper follow-up and preventative care are the needs of a genuine human being who needs genuine care despite being in a different state, or at work, or unable to come to the office – and it has to be perfect every time.

A Doctor When You Want One

The only thing that’s virtual during your visit to DrMackNOW! is your image on our screen.
Everything else is just like every other doctor’s visit – without the travel, inconvenience, time, and so much of the costs!